What to wear for photos

September 27, 2015

So, I get asked a lot by clients what to wear for upcoming photo shoots. I thought I would write a blog to help everyone out. I'm a HUGE fan of light and airy clothes. The colors I always recommend is white, creams, grays, light corals, light pinks, light blues, tans, and blush colors. I feel it gives photos a lighter organic look which is totally my style. It also looks better in this Arizona bright sun since those colors are natural light reflectors. If light colors aren't your thing and you want to add some colors I would go for richer colors. If you want bright colors, I would recommend bringing in pops of bright colors. Meaning a scarf, jewelry, a bright skirt or pants with a lighter top things like that. When everyone is wearing bright and busy colors you start to focus on the clothes instead of the picture. Some other things is never wear logos on clothes or a ton of different kinds of patterns together. Just keep it simple! Layering with a lot of loose clothing or dresses with the loose puckering in the middle will not flatter your shape in pics. Also, wearing a short tight dress and skirt makes you look stiff in pics. I love when people can relax move around and get on the ground for some nice pics. It makes it almost impossible to be able to do that if you are scared your going to show something off. Most importantly make sure you feel good in your clothes, if your not happy with your outfit it will show in pics. I also have a pinterest board on what to wear for photo shoots so check it out. I hope this helps you all :)